The New Normal

Classroom Example

Aislinn McEnaney

Mrs. Meece Ap U.S history class room.

The 20-21 school year differs from previous school years immensely. Starting on Monday October 5th, freshmen students who were switching from online to face-to-face slowly flowed back into Clements. Sophomores started making their transition back to face-to-face on the following Wednesday, October 7th. Juniors and seniors made their way back on the 9th which fell on a Friday. 


When coming back face-to-face there are certain rules and protocols the students and faculty must follow. You cannot enter the building if you have a fever of 100 degrees and they monitor this at each door with a thermometer when entering the building. Every person in the building must be wearing a mask/face cover at all times throughout the day. The classrooms are specially organized so that all the desks and chairs are at least six feet apart. In some classes, teachers even require students to wipe down their desks with disinfecting wipes before moving on to the next class. 


“I like it a lot. It’s a lot different than online school, obviously. I just like being face to face because I can see my friends and it’s easier for me to learn in person.” said junior Zachary Mandeville. 


“I really like coming back to school because I am able to see all of my friends and I just learn better in person with the teacher in person.” said junior Emily Poche.


Although some students enjoy coming back to school, a majority of students chose to stay virtual. There’s even some students who went back to Face-to-Face who wished they stayed virtual. 


“I don’t like the long class periods and how advisory takes up so much of our time and we aren’t allowed to leave.” said junior Tala Zeitouneh.


This way of learning is very new to everybody when worrying about sanitation and social distancing, faculty and students have been sure to be extra vigilant when it comes to following protocols. It’s important that everyone is following these rules to stay clean and healthy. The faculty and students have done a great job of enforcing these new rules. Let’s continue to be cautious and aware when continuing the ongoing school year.