Navigating Student Life During Covid

This year our world faced a very large problem, a terrible pandemic. Covid-19 has affected everyone around the world, taking many lives and jobs. This terrible disease has caused us, students, to go to school in a way we never have before, all online.

 Many people around the world have faced challenges with this new way of learning, including our very own Clements Rangers. I talked to senior Sarah Alchatta on her thoughts about this different school year.

“I’m not the happiest with the way everything turned out, and I feel everyone in my grade agrees. It’s our last year of high school and no one wants to do it this way.”

I also talked to junior Gabbie Mock who explained the pros and cons of the situation,

“A pro for doing online is that I can be in my own workspace and I don’t have to worry about moving around each period. I also enjoy the blocked schedule so I don’t have to go to all 7 classes every day anymore. Another good thing that I believe everyone can agree on is we definitely are able to get more sleep now and just have more time in general since the days are shorter.”

Mock also explained a few of the bad parts about the new way of learning.

“I don’t really enjoy the teachers making us turn on the cameras all the time because sometimes I am not ready and it can be embarrassing. It can also be distracting since I could easily go on my phone now and look at TikTok without anyone noticing. Also, of course, I miss seeing my friends in person every day.” 

But this online learning, for now, is the best the district can do in this situation, which Mock echoes.

“Overall online isn’t terrible, it has its flaws every now and then, but in the end, it’s what’s best for the current situation.”


Districts around the nation have opened schools up or are in a phase to open up soon, including Fort Bend. By October the kids who want to do face to face will be back in school, and everyone else online. So, if you aren’t liking this new way of learning, you’ll be able to go back. To all the Rangers physically going back, good luck, and have fun, hopefully, when things are better we can all go back together! Stay safe everyone!