Coach Furlow’s Celebration of Life

Coach Furlows Celebration of Life

On Jan. 9, 2020, friends, family, students from the past and present, and staff gathered to celebrate the life of Coach John Furlow. Furlow was known as the “Marquee Man” and the man whose whole life was devoted to Clements. He was a man that loved this school and would live here if he could. The night consisted of kind words given by former tennis players, close friends, and his sister. There were smiles, tears, laughs, but most of all a room full of people looking back at all the greatness Furlow left behind. Furlow’s close friends shared their best memories dating back to when they were in high school. Two former tennis players told their story on how Furlow always pushed them to be better as players as well as people. His sister spoke about when he made the decision to come to Sugar Land to work at Clements and how his family thought he was being crazy. Year after year he made the decision to stay here. His dedication and love for this school will never be matched. Through all that Furlow experienced in his life, this school was his safe haven, a place he considered his home. Furlow’s legacy will always live on here at Clements and everyday our students and staff will work hard to do for him what he did for us. As he always used to say, “once a Ranger, always a Ranger.”