Getting on the Road 101


Every school year, sophomores and juniors are given their first taste of freedom. In Texas, the legal age to get a permit is fifteen, but not every teen cares or feels ready to get on the road. Some students just do not know where to get started, here is your guide along with some advice from new drivers.

To begin taking courses in Texas you must be at least 14 years old, but 15 is the age when students can receive their permit. The state requires you to take a 32-hour driver education course in order to get a permit in Texas. Thanks to modern-day technology, you can easily sign up for online courses using a handful of platforms. 

“I went to Texas Driving school online.” said Sophomore Mckinley Lenard.

Texas Driving school offers in house and online driver’s ed courses. While Texas requires 32-hours of the course. Their online class allows you to apply for a permit after completing the first 6-hour module. 

“I used Aceable.” said Sophomore, Lizna Wadsaria.

Aceable is another online driving school, that even has an app that allows you to get your permit. There are many online options that provide a driver’s ed course.

“I did a course with the National Highway Safety Administration” said Sophomore Macy Milstead.

After taking the course you need the proper information to apply for your permit, you can request for a VOE (Verification of Enrollment) at your school’s front office. 

Once you have your proper paperwork, you can apply for a permit or license and start your journey.