German Exchange Students


Viktoria Dietz lives in Frankfurt Germany. She left her family and friends in Germany to come to Clements high school. She likes it here but it took her a while to agest. 

“The biggest difference from school in America and school in Germany is that we have 7 classes a day,” Dietz said. 

In Germany, they have about 4 classes a day that is longer. Every Other day they alternate classes which give them more time to do homework. Here we get tested almost every week in every class, but in Germany, they get one big test every couple of weeks. Viktoria likes the test here more, 

she says “it’s easier to study one topic and take a test instead of having a lot of big tests.”

She likes the fact that here there are a lot more classes to choose from. Viktoria is in marching band and enjoys performing at the football games a lot. She likes that she gets to meet a lot of new people and make a lot of \friends. When I asked Viktoria what her favorite thing to eat here she said burgers. She also said she really enjoys trying all the candies and sweets we have here. I asked her what she misses the most from Germany, 

she said: “I miss hanging out with my friends and family.” 

In Germany, there are a lot of things to do. She and her friends love to go shopping. They also love to take a train to different cities around Germany. Overall Viktoria is having an amazing time in America. She likes it here and she can’t wait for all the amazing memories she’s going to have. 


Rebekka Laudien is here at Clements High School from Hamburg Germany, as a foreign exchange student. She will be here studying with us for the whole school year, which is a huge adjustment since the differences in the set up at Clements and her school back home. One thing she misses about how the school was run in Hamburg is that, 

“We have 4 classes a day alternating each day giving me more time for homework,” says Rebekka.

 One thing she prefers about Clements is that we have tests each week so the information is more recent compared, to having just one big test over everything which makes you have to retain information longer. She loves the fact that there are more electives and extracurricular activities to choose from here that also have events outside of class. Rebekka loved the Clements theater production of Taming Of the Shrew. She thought that it was well put  together and better then the school plays at her school, 

and she stated, “I’m interested in finding ways to get involved in theater.” 

Things she misses about Germany is obviously her friends and family but one thing she really misses is the sweets they have in Germany. Her favorite thing to eat here is Chick-Fila which she doesn’t have in Germany. One thing that’s a big difference between America and Germany is public transportation and easily being able to travel from place to place by train.

 “It makes it so much easier to go places with your friends,” says Rebekka.

 Rebekka is very excited to be here with us at Clements if you see her in the halls introduce yourself and say hello.