New Football Coaches


Clements has a long-established  football program. The core of the team operation is the coaches. They teach the boys leadership and how to be respectable young men. The Ranges welcome four new coaches to the football family: Stephen Danielson, Austin Walton, Jason Haddock, and Dante Alexander. We took the time to talk to them about their new positions.

This is Walton’s first year of coaching high school football. He says he is confident in the team’s abilities and  “absolutely sees potential.” He participated in his own high school football team and says he feels it will give him an advantage towards bringing a sense of teamwork to the boys.

Alexander is enjoying his new coaching position so far. 

“It’s a lot of work, I won’t lie to you,” he said. With all the time and effort he’s putting into the team he hopes to contribute  “consistency and competition” throughout the season.  

Haddock is new to Clements and is assistant Varsity Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator. When asked what his favorite position was he said “Linebacker, absolutely.”  His advice for incoming freshmen wanting to join the football team next year is to, “work hard and come out with a great attitude.” 

Danielson is also new to the school staff and aside from football teaches chemistry and AP Physics. On the team he coaches JV and is the Head Offensive Line coach for Varsity. He says that the only advice he can give for incoming freshmen and interested students is to “try out!”
The coaches seem optimistic for the team this year.