What is I-Lunch?

After a few practices of Mega Lunch in the 2018-2019 school year, Clements High School has finally decided to implement to the one-lunch protocol beginning 2019. Mega Lunch underwent a rebranding, now being called Instructional Lunch, or most commonly known as I-Lunch.


The main rules are the same from previous lunches. However, to compensate for the 2500+ student body population, students are now allowed to go upstairs without a pass. To meet the needs of all Clements students, there are designated quiet zones all around the school where students can study quietly without interruption.


According to the assistant principals, I-Lunch gives students more opportunities to meet with teachers for tutorials. In addition, clubs can schedule meetings during this time. 


For more information on I lunch join the schoology course with the code 74MVPPTXPN.