Advice for Underclassmen


"We use it every day for school" -Seniors 2016

Some say that with age comes wisdom, so who better to get advice from than our upperclassmen who have had the full and (almost full) experience. Their advice will help you be the best possible version of yourself and will hopefully help you navigate the years ahead.

For all the freshman and sophomores out there, now is the time to put in work. You need to make sure that you give it all those 3 years. The spring semester of your senior year is your time to relax but until then, you need to be in full throttle. – Ethan McGonagle(Senior)

There’s always going to be something you’re stressing about so find something you love and don’t turn it into a competition. Don’t stress about that one thing. It will all be ok. – Dima Ghazala (Junior)

High school is a big change, but as long as you manage your time and put in the work you’ll be able to balance academics and extracurriculars! Get involved in clubs and make new friends, these four years are some of the most important you’ll experience so don’t be afraid to make the most out of them. – Yaya Qu (Seniors)

Make time for things that are going to make you happy because you don’t want your struggles in school to outweigh everything else in your life. Just focus on the aspects that will help you progress as an individual while keeping your life in balance. -Allison Youssef (Junior)

Underclassmen: Don’t stress about your grades. Put in the work and let it be. You won’t remember the assignments but you will remember the nights you stayed up too long on Skype with your friends talking about nothing and all the fun times you had. If you’re going to Clements, you’ll probably be fine for applying to college, so don’t worry so much. You are more capable than you know. – Ada Eke(senior)

Everyone gets stressed at times, but don’t let that overwhelm you! Try to get involved so that you have fun things to look forward to throughout the week. The high school will be so much more bearable when you have a passion and true friends to fall back on. – Sara Momin( Junior)

Although grades are important, remember to have fun and enjoy high school because it has been the most fun of my life. Make memories that will last for the rest of your life. – Zachary Waxali (Senior)


They said it best! Being at Clements isn’t always a walk-on in the park, but if you make the best out of every situation you will have an amazing time. No matter how impossible things seem at the time remember that you will get through it. High school is a learning experience so let yourself make mistakes and learn from them. Most of all are confident and have a good time!