Swimming All The Way to State


Ashley LaDoucieur

The Clements swim team gets better and accomplishes more every single year and 2018-2019 is no different. Rangers including Sophomore Meredith Brown and Jack Hendrickson were in the top ten at state in Austin. Meredith Brown was a bronze medalist and got an official spot on the top 3 podium and Jack Hendrickson got 8th place. The 200 relay team also got a bronze medal. Overall this year’s swim season was a success with the wins overshadowing the loses.

Only those who were in the top 5 and got certain times made it to state, many students were left at home and had to cheer for their team members while in class. Each team member played a huge part in the successful swim year and the successful swim meet. The encouragement that each student who made it to state got from their coaches and friends greatly impacted them and helped them do even better.

State helped many students create long lasting friendships and new memories that will stay with them for many years to come.