Students discuss their opinion on fashion


Ginger Williams, Co-Editor in Chief

As we leave the awkward stages of middle school and enter into the high school world, style is one main aspect that changes for many of us. The topic of fashion is debated among students and there are many different opinions on what style means to them.

Junior Hailey Martinez says that “there is a distinct difference between style and fashion.”

“Style is your own personal way of expressing yourself through the way you dress, and fashion is more what designers and celebrities put together,” Martinez said.

Junior Sofia Temoli says she finds fashion fascinating and wants to make her own style of clothing when she’s older.

“The clothes we wear and what we like to wear out in public is what gives us the chance to also show off who we are,” Temoli said. “Vintage fashion could make you an old soul, dark colors could make you an emotional person and bright colors could make you a positive one.”

Junior Jad Ellis views align with Temoli.

“Fashion is an amazing way to express yourself through the items of clothing you wear.” Ellis said.

Sophomore Shafiq Siddiqi says she thinks that staying true to yourself is the most important part when it comes to fashion.

“I think it’s better to wear what you want,” Siddiqi said. “You should be yourself instead of wearing what other people think is relevant and fashionable.”

Sophomores Aditi Vohra and Zeynep Kalkan both agree that everyone’s style expresses who they are.

“If you’re fashionable, it defines you as a person and shows shows your character,” Vohra said.

“The way you dress in general shows your character and the way you are,” Kalkan said.

After talking to several students, it seems as though fashion and style is a big part of how others see you and how you see yourself. It is a big part of your first impressions on those around you, but most of all it is the way you are able to express yourself every single day.