Teacher of the year

The purpose of a school is for students to learn the fundamental material that will build their character and shape them into who they are. However students aren’t the only people who occupy schools . The school is also filled with staff such as counselors principals and other various staff members . One of the main members of the school are teachers. Teachers mold students to become intelligent , independent young adults and now as we near 2019 we would  like to pay respect to them. Each year the faculty vote for a teacher of the year.

The Teacher of the Year is chosen by the students every year of who they think is the most encouraging helpful and kind teacher. The finalists for teacher of the year 2018-19 are Mr. Garcia, from the math department, Mr. Hart, from the science department, Mrs Muscarello from the math department and Mrs Erickson in the science department.


The winner of the 2019-19 teacher of the year is  Mr. Garcia. Mr Garcia is an algebra 2 and calculus BC teacher. He also coaches the CHS soccer team. Garcia  said he felt “”honored and humbled to be nominated and was very excited to win “ He went on to say that he was very honored  for being considered .


Clements high school Is a wonderful place to be and it will continue to be that way with the help of teachers like Mr Garcia.