The Costumes of Halloween

Ashley LaDoucieur, Reporter

Halloween used to be a time where we as kids would dress up and go around the neighborhood asking for candy. Now it’s a time where we can hang out with our friends and watch movies. But some of us  like to relive our childhood, where we dressed up and went around the neighborhood asking for candy. “Last year I dressed up for halloween, but I have no idea about this year. I still want candy but I don’t know if I’ll actually dress up.” said sophomore Bonnie Olson.


Most students or teens who dress up, do it for the candy but that doesn’t mean that they won’t dress up in very unique or different costumes. “For Halloween I think I would dress up as that lady from the guacamole vine. I don’t think anyone else is dressing up as her.” said sophomore Caroline LaDoucieur.


Many students who dress up actually have a reason behind their costume and they want their costume to represent this reason. “I want to dress up as myself sleeping. Because that’s my life.” said sophomore Grace KoKo.


The students at Clements are very diverse, which contributes to their many different costumes, and makeup designs. “I honestly don’t think I will dress up for Halloween, now I’m not saying that I won’t put on a little makeup to make myself look more vampirish. But I think I’m just a little too old to actually dress up.” said sophomore Divina.


Halloween is a time where people can be themselves and or not be themselves  but instead someone else. There are many different reasons why students at Clements would want to dress up, some want to dress up just for fun, some want to dress up for Halloween parties, and some don’t even dress up. Nonetheless Halloween is a time where students come together to get candy, and have fun.