Favorite Halloween Memories

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Favorite Halloween Memories

Gabe Soto, Reporter

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As the temperatures start to drop, people’s excitement certainly rises! With Halloween and all of its candy and scare creeping towards us, people were asked to look back and share some of their favorite Halloween memories.

Senior Dante Rivera talked about his favorite memory on the spookiest day of the year.

“My favorite memory was trick or treating in 8th grade with all of my friends that I hadn’t seen a while,” he said.

Although the candy is free, there does seem to be a limit.

“They ate so much candy they could barely walk!” Rivera said.

Christina Lyman, Chemistry and Forensic Science teacher went trick-or-treating at a price.

“When I was young, I really didn’t like hamburgers. My mom said that in order to go trick or treating I had to eat a hamburger,” Lyman said. “So I sat there for 30 minutes trying to decide what I was going to do. After what seemed like hours of deliberation, I did eat a hamburger for the first time then, and yes; the trick or treating was worth it.”

 Senior Caleb Williams also had fond memories to share. His overall favorite was “trick or treating w my brother.”

“This dog started chasing us and we hid in a ditch and ate our candy secretly,” Williams said.

Now that Halloween is here, everyone is preparing for a night full of friends and fun. The students are getting ready to create memories for years to come.

We’re all kids at heart, it’s never too old to trick or treat!v

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