Running Run Thru Cru


Arden Culver

Chirag Mangnaik, Reporter

It’s 6:45 p.m. Parents and students are waiting impatiently for the game to start. The countdown still has fifteen minutes on the clock. Everyone is staring restlessly at the locker room doors. Especially Run Thru Cru.

Flight captain Prince Pierre strongly encourages students to join Run Thru Cru for the excitement and experience overall.

“People should join Run Thru Cru because it gives you a little bit of everything,” Pierre said. “It gives you the ability to be physically active, it gives you the ability to express creativity and most people wouldn’t expect it to, but it does.”

Run Thru Cru is a club that designs and makes the posters that the football players ‘run thru’ every game. They handle the Clements cowboy, the tent, and the Clements flags that are run across the field after every touchdown.

Enobong Usanga sponsors the club. Usanga is most notable for his charity events, such as when he repelled down 20 stories at the Embassy Suites to support over 58,300 athletes. He’s also notable for the other clubs he sponsors, including Badminton Club, Clements Rhythm and Table Tennis Club.

Run Thru Cru is one of the clubs at Clements that also offers YES hours for participation.

“The games last typically anywhere between three to four hours, so if you just go to ten to twelve games, you get [40] hours, just by being at the games.” That isn’t even factoring in time that members spend painting, which would likely add up to over a hundred hours even for a less attentive member.

Run Thru Cru meets every day in the Commons. If interested, contact Usanga in Room 2314 for more information.

Credit for pictures goes to Arden Culver