16 Study Tips for a Less Stressful School Year


Bex Arif, Reporter

High School can be stressful, so here are 16 tips intended to make your year a more enjoyable experience.


  1. Sleep is very important for enlarging humans. Without it, you are more prone to breakouts, erratic behavior, and sleeping in class. While studying, if your eyes start to get heavy, stop studying and get some sleep. If your eyes aren’t able to stay open, then your brain most likely won’t be able to comprehend anything you’re reading.
  2. Take 5-10 minute breaks while working on homework or studying for a test.
  3. 20-minute naps give you a quick recharge.
  4. Color code your notes.
  5. Manage your time!!! Apps such as ATracker help with time management.
  6. Limit or at least try to refrain using electronic devices at least 2 hours before going to sleep.
  7. Have test anxiety?
  • Don’t cram the night before a test
  • Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 7, breathe out in 5 seconds
  • Wear something comfortable; if you know the classroom you will be testing it is going to have the air conditioning unit on, bring a hoodie
  1. Allow yourself a “Me Day” at least once a month to treat yourself for working so hard.
  2. Not a fan of reading? Place a piece of candy between the pages at the end of every chapter.
  3. Not a fan of candy? First umm…okay dude sure. Second, fold money and put it in random parts of the book.
  4. Play soft acoustics while working on assignments to help you focus and de-stress.
  5. Do not sit on your bed and attempt to do work, instead, find a quiet room to work in or a desk you can sit at.
  6. Going on runs or working out is a great way to release or reduce stress.
  7. When you wake up drink 16 oz. of water before doing anything. This flushes out any toxins when you go leaving your body feeling refreshed.
  8. Plan out everything the night before so that in the morning you won’t run late.
  9. Need homework help?
  • For English and writing: Owl.purdue.edu can help with essay questions, citing sources, and more
  • For math: Khan Academy, Slader, and Math Papa