Life as a twin


Ashley LaDoucieur, Reporter

Twins. Two people born on the same day, at the same time, in the same place. Both very similar but, at the same time, very different.

“They’re just like everyone else,” said sophomore Sophia Vela.

Twins can either be fraternal or identical. Identical twins look almost exactly alike and they can be nearly the exact same person, while fraternal twins look nothing alike and can be total opposites.

“Me and my sister are a perfect example of fraternal twins, we were born 45 seconds apart, with different hair colors, and a huge height difference.” said sophomore Caroline LaDoucieur

Caroline LaDoucieur has blonde hair and is 5’3 while her twin sister Ashley has brown hair and is exactly 5 foot. Caroline is interested in sports such as track and color guard while her sister Ashley is interested in writing and color guard. Both twins have an interest in color guard but that’s about all they have in common.

Just because someone is a twin doesn’t mean that they have to be identical. Even if you look closely at identical twins, you can see slight differences, such as the way they do their hair or the way they dress.

“Twins are never actually identical; they just look so similar that they’re considered identical.” said sophomore Ashton Delgado.

You probably won’t notice that someone is a twin unless they’re with their sibling, especially if they’re fraternal. Sometimes, you can’t even tell that someone is a twin even when they’re standing next to their sibling. There’s basically nothing different about being a twin, other than the fact that you get invited to go to parties together, people may mix you up with your sibling if you’re identical, and when you were younger you were probably dressed up identically.

Life as a twin isn’t that different from life as a younger sister, younger brother etc. You still go to school together, you still get picked up together, the only difference is that you’re in the same grade and classes. Everything else is the same.

“I haven’t seen many twins around school but the ones I have seen are just like any other student going about their daily life, going to classes, and making friends,” said sophomore Sarah Alacahtta.