International Club preps for annual iFest

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International Club preps for annual iFest

Arshiya, Leila Stewart, Guest Writer, Sports Editor

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The annual iFest (International Festival) will be hosted by the International Club in the Clements Commons on March 29th. Unlike most of the educational events that the school offers, iFest has several aspects that set it apart including the variety of food and performances. More than a thousand people participate and visit the event each year for a taste of the unforgettable evening.


“The purpose of iFest is to showcase the diversity in this community and to emphasize the importance of cultural awareness,” senior president of the International Club, Joy Zhu said.


iFest is the biggest fundraiser of the year, yet this year they aim to raise even more.


“In this past year, we donated $19,000 to buildOn, a NGO (Non-governmental Organization) committed to educating children in impoverished regions, in which we had the opportunity to build a school in Nicaragua,” Zhu said.


To host an event on this scale, months of preparation aren’t optional; they are necessary. From the ceiling decorations to floor posters to obtaining sponsorships, the International Club has a lot work to get done. Nicole Wang, senior head of the decoration committee, says the decorations are elaborate and difficult.


“There’s always the chance of things going severely wrong. Rips are common and proportions almost always get skewed because we’re transferring our designs onto such large posters by hand,” Wang said.


The typical poster size is 25 by 13 feet. Although this seems like a huge task to fulfill, many of the officers have experience with large scale decorations, so they know how to handle the situation.


“It just takes a lot of patience and knowing when to adjust,” Wang said.


This year, iFest has several goals to accomplish.


“We’re trying to get more diverse food options,” Lillian Yang, International Club’s Vice President said. ”We usually have some sort of bubble tea/tapioca stand, Italian food, Indian appetizers, and a dessert booth.”


So far, they have the support of Raising Cane’s, Sharetea, and coupons from Chick-fil-A.Though they have had much luck so far, it’s often difficult to find restaurants that are open to donating food for the event.


“It’s difficult to convince a restaurant to give away free food, but by explaining the purpose of the event, we are thankful that many restaurants are willing to support us,” Zhu said.


Zhu says iFest is a “must-see event.” From the different cuisines and productions to the humanitarian efforts it funds, it’s a big production.


“This festival has truly built relationships between students of all backgrounds and the funds have gone to a cause to further educate others,” Zhu said. “It’s really an event to look forward to as it’s fun, educational, and inspiring.”


The event will be held tonight, from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m. in the Commons. Tickets will be sold for seven dollars at the door, but spaces are limited.

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