Where will YOU be in 10 years?

Where will YOU be in 10 years?

Ginger Williams and Leila Stewart

Where do YOU see yourself in the next ten years? Will you be hiking up Machu Picchu or settled down with a nice job and family? Many of us have aspirations for the future and dreams we want to accomplish in our lives. It’s good to visualize what our lives could look like years for now so we can plan and set goals for ourselves. Realizing this, the Roundup asked the student body if they have thought about the future and what it looks like to them.

“I see myself graduated college with a steady job and either married or engaged.” Freshman, Emma Fritzer said. (on the left)

“I’ll be out of college and probably be working on a film and living in an apartment.” Freshman, Kaleigh Jacobs said. (on the right)


“Acting professionally in New York City.” Junior, Ethan Mock said.


“I’d want to be an engineer with a kid and hopefully a personal trainer on the side.” Sophomore, Jose Falcon said.


“In my residency with the specialization of neurosurgery in the middle of surgery.” Junior, Daniel Maccio said.


“I see myself as an investment banker. Living life to the fullest.” Junior, Dhruv Gomber said.


“Hopefully famous, most likely in a dumpster.” Freshman, Jacqueline Chin said.


“Probably in medical school, maybe I’ll have my life together by then and be a more capable and independent woman.” Freshman, Tarrani Bajwa said.


“Hopefully working in a job that will benefit the world and married to someone nice.” Junior, Rachel Scharfman said.


“Hopefully in med school on track to become a doctor.” Junior, Ana Sobrino said.


“I hope to see myself being a U.S. Marshall.” Senior, Adrian Garza said.