Ancheta named junior National Debater


Ruhee Marfathia, Feature's Editor

Senior, Jason Ancheta was named the 11th grade National Champion when he competed in Congressional Debate at the National level this past summer.

Although he participated in speaking competitions throughout his middle school years, Jason started off in debate during his freshman year. He said that debate was something he had always dreamed of doing.

“I started off in the same class that everyone else did, and I didn’t know what I was doing, and no one else did too,” Jason said. “It’s just been fun to be able to grow and go from ‘what’s going on’ to ‘oh I think I kinda get this.’”

Some people’s biggest fear is going out on stage and speaking, but that wasn’t the case with Jason. Speaking is something he’s always been able to do and something he loves doing, but debate has helped him make a impact with his words.

“Being able to make a difference was always something that debate inspired in me because yes, I’m debating all these topics, but does it really make a difference at the end of day?” Jason said. “That’s what I think debate helped me do.”

Throughout his memorable four years, Jason believes that competing at Nationals this summer was his favorite and most fulfilling memory.

“It was a really great experience for me,” he said. “When you compete with different people you see the variations and the different styles that people have and you think, ‘Wow these people are really good’, and I get the privilege to compete with them.”

As his time with the Clement’s debate team comes to an end, Jason hopes to continue to working with the underclassmen to help give them the same opportunities that he received from  the program.

When asked what advice he would give to the rising debaters, Jason said, “Don’t focus too much on the nitty gritty. Just go in there and give it your best.”

Jason’s high school debate career was definitely an exciting journey, but what’s even more exciting is what’s coming in the future for him; he hopes to continue putting his efforts in debate to good use even after college.

“I want to go into business law or family law in the future because of the fact that I get to work with people,” he said. “I get to help them with the same issues that I’ve been researching, but then use my talents as not only a speaker, but also as a person who can defend those topics very well and potentially help people who are going through the worst things in their lives.”