Who’s our mascot?


Isabela Ferrer, Guest Writer

“V-A-T-O”. The cheer is heard at every pep rally, football game, and important school event, but how much is really known about the girl that embodies our favorite ranger this year? Her name is Caitlin Perry, a senior who is involved in many different organizations at Clements, and she has agreed to answer some questions to help us get to know the girl behind the mascot.


What are you involved in outside of being vato?

I play basketball and softball. I am also a member of pals, nhs, and best buddies.

Is it difficult to manage your time with your extracurricular activities and schoolwork?

No, it’s not too difficult to manage my time. As mascot I’ve been asked to do things like ranger camp and other activities which have interfered with basketball practice, but I believe that it is important to branch out and try to prioritize my schoolwork at the same time. It can be difficult because you can’t be everywhere all at once!

How is being vato different from other activities at clements?

Well, it is one of the only activities that does not involve a team of people that are always with me, which is different than the sports I participate in. Because of this, I had to become more outgoing.


When did you first decide that you wanted to be the mascot?

It was third period last year, and I heard the announcement that said tryouts would be held in Mrs. Thompson’s room. I decided right then that I wanted to tryout. I thought about it my sophomore year actually and didn’t want to tryout at the time, but I changed my mind junior year.


Did you have any previous experience with dancing or cheer before you became a mascot?

I was a dancer in my youth, but I was never the top dog in my dance class. I never did competitive dancing, but I feel like mascot dancing is different because it’s so much more enthusiastic and fun for me.

What is your favorite part about being vato?

The pep rallies are so much fun because I love dancing. The football games are also really fun because I love to support our boys in blue and my brother is on the football team which is so exciting. I love supporting him, but now I am more than just a spectator, I am also like a cheerleader.


What have you learned from being the mascot?

Being positive and really hyping up a crowd benefits everyone, because I am radiating my joy to everyone else, and being a positive influence on people helps you be a happier person yourself. I also learned that you should always believe in yourself, because if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything.


What will you miss most about being vato?

I will miss Ms Mayo and Ms Brown because they were a great help to me before I found my group in the cheer squad. I will also miss everyone in the cheer program, the cheerleaders are really sweet and fun to be around. I will also miss going to football games because my brother is on the team, and I enjoy cheering for him.


After Perry had answered all of our questions, she offered one last piece of advice to any aspiring future mascots:


“I would encourage anyone to try out to be the mascot because it is just a unique experience to really embody someone else which is great.  I also felt like the tryout was really fun, and I encourage all incoming juniors and seniors to do the same.” said Perry.