GSA anticipates final lock-in


Abby Gutierrez, Editor In Chief

A mixture of excitement and anticipation is felt within the Global Studies Academy as the last senior graduating class in the program is preparing for their annual Lock-In. The lock-in is taking place on Friday, December 8th starting at 9:00pm and ending at 5:00am the following day. This event will be held at Travis High School, and it’s anticipated to make a lasting and memorable experience for the seniors and the GSA program.


The theme this year is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and there is said to be many fun surprises and activities for the program to enjoy, which consist of a haunted house, multiple inflatables, a DJ, and a costume party. There, members of the program can socialize, play games, and spend time with one another to appreciate the organization they’ve all been in the past four years. The GSA also made sure to go all out for the food as they’ve  planned to have an ice cream bar and plenty of pizza to enjoy.


A lot of effort was put into the event in order to make it the most successful lock-in in Clements history.


“The GSA has put a lot of hours into organizing, advertising, and constructing the event with painting the posters, arranging the haunted house, and getting the entire event together,” Jaida Swanson, a member of the GSA program, said.


GSA students turned lemons into lemonade when a natural disaster caused necessary delays. Though this brought upon obstacles, the organization made sure to bring a positive outlook on the situation.


“I think this will be the best lock-in yet because we had extra time to plan it since Hurricane Harvey pushed the schedule back. This is the first time the lock-in is at Travis High School, which makes this year pretty special. This theme is also different than years past because we incorporated our annual lock-in with our winter social,” said Zehra Jaffari, another senior GSA member.