College Day

Scott Johnson, Viewpoints Editor

College booths line the cafeteria hall next to the counselor’s office on October 27th. Booths from Houston Baptist University, University of Denver, and many other schools showcased their school pride to try to encourage students to attend their school. This event is called College Day, and it happens once a semester and twice a year.


The Houston Area Recruiters’ Network (HARN) has scheduled with Clements High School to provide students with information on where they would like to go to college and to set them on the right career track.


“It allows me to see what colleges offer and to see what will benefit me in the future,” Senior, Javan Plummer, said.


Plummer wants to attend the University of Houston to study hotel and restaurant management.


Mrs. Hollins-Crowder, who is responsible for the event, said they will know usually about two to three months in advance when these colleges will be here. HARN will give Mrs. Crowder the dates that they are available, and she tries to coordinate a day when they can be here and have the maximum amount of students look for the college that might suit them best.


This event happens during both lunches, and while the first one has already past, everyone can be on the lookout for next semester’s college day. This event can give insight as to which college would be the perfect match for them.