Colson Cegielski makes CHS varsity baseball

Colson Cegielski makes CHS varsity baseball

Ruhee Marfathia, Viewpoint's Editor

This year, Colson Cegielski was the only freshman to make the CHS Varsity Baseball team.

Living in Texas his whole life, Cegielski started playing baseball when he was six years old. At first, he started playing because everyone in his family, in the past and present, had played baseball.

“I guess it was in the family, so when I started, I loved it also and just stuck with it.” Cegielski said as he has now been playing for over eight years.

When Cegielski’s not playing baseball, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family in the outdoors and sometimes hunting and fishing.

When asked what his best memory was of baseball, he said it was “getting a run off hit in a tournament in Colorado.”

At the beginning of the 2016-2017 baseball season, Cegielski was really excited and confident about the season and playing the game, but unfortunately, this year the varsity team got off on a a bit of a rough start. Thankfully, there’s still a chance that they can make it to playoffs, but they’ll have to play very well in the remaining games.

“[They need to] work really hard and take baseball seriously because if you don’t, you shouldn’t be playing.” Cegielski said to incoming and continuing players for this season and next.

The newspaper and the student body wishes good luck to the team and to Colson Cegielski for this season and the rest of his baseball career. It’s known that Cegielski will continue to make our school very proud.