Retrospective season arrives


Kun Hong, Features Editor

April rolls around and, as usual, art students are busy wrapping up their serial concentration projects, while simultaneously getting Retrospective, their big end-of-year art show, prepared and decorated.

For the art department, Retrospective season begins around February, starting with a huge t-shirt contest. AP level students come up with the prospective designs, then they take two rounds to vote for the ones they wish to wear. Finally, the voting opens up for each and every one of the art students involved in Retrospective, including the Art I students. The t-shirt design often sets up a general direction of the show that year. The theme and mood of the show changes, along with changes in the t-shirt color and print design.

This year, Retrospective arrives early on Friday, May 5th. The first Retrospective workshop for National Art Honor Society members started Monday, April 10th. The artist in charge of the aesthetics for this year’s show is AP 2D student Junette Hu, the final winner of the Retrospective t-shirt contest this year. As the grand designer of the show, she will be responsible for leading the workshops and overlooking the production for all posters and decor.

Retrospective is open to the public and is a free event.