“Clements Got Talent” winner announced

Clements Got Talent winner announced

Ruhee Marfathia, Viewpoint's Editor

As most students were getting ready for spring break, others were getting ready for the annual Clements Got Talent show. The awaited show took place on Friday, March 3rd in the auditorium. Who knew there were so many talented people at CHS. This year, students showcased their talents in singing, dancing, music, and much more.


The following students performed, but only one emerged a winner.


Daniyal Khawaja, Patricia Manzi and Claire Rubio

Tyler Burket, Joseph McGuigan, Chase Little, and Alberto Najera

Sharon John and Reshma Jose

Sukriti Gangopadhyay

Wayne Wong

James Liu

Angela Velasco

Evelyn Lazarus


Davis Dunham, Fernanda Santos, and Sreya Gangopadhyay


On behalf of the whole student body, the school congratulates Angela Velasco for winning Clements Got Talent!