Students and faculty reveal their holiday plans

Kun Hong, Features Editor

Holiday season is finally here.With just a week left of busy schedule, the students and teachers are all excited about taking their winter vacation. For this December issue of the Round Up, the crew send out a journalist to interview the students and faculty members. Hence of opening of this story.

“Hmm, I’m just gonna stay in town and spend time with my family. Trips are expensive… and you know, art projects.” Colton Williams, Senior

“All my family live in Houston. So we just stay in town every year and spend time together.” Joe Tutt, Sophomore

“We are having a big dinner at my house on Christmas Eve. And then we are going to Mexico for the the rest of the break to visit our family.” Evette Cordova, Junior

“My family and I are going to Disney World for the break, but we will be back in town for Christmas Day. I have been to Disney World during Christmas before, it’s fun!” Kristen Bohovich, Senior

“My family is going to snow skate in New Mexico. I have never been there, but I’m not really excited. Because I’m worried about my upcoming SAT exam.” Ires Chan, Junior

“Well, I’m going with NJROTC to lay down wreaths on fallen soldiers graveyards. For the rest of the holidays, my family is staying in town, and I plan to use the time to finish up all my art projects.” Elizabeth Kunish, Sophomore

“I will be out of town visiting all my blended families for Christmas. The two days before New Year’s Eve, my step mother’s family spend all their time making tamales. I’m absolutely looking forward to that because I LOVE tamales..” Kyra Alvarado, Senior

“My whole family is visiting the Middle East. I’m very excited for the trip because when I was there last year I didn’t get to go to the Dead Sea. This year I will be able to. And I’m happy because I will see my daughter again.” Esther Lite, Spanish teacher

“My husband and I used to travel everywhere for Christmas. But this year we decided to stay home and ‘chill’. And our college grandson will be visiting us!” Linda Stotje, Secretary

“My family is not traveling for Christmas. But I’m happy that my newborn niece and nephew are coming over and visiting me. I’m an uncle now!” Jacob Moronko, Senior