NAHS Presents This Year’s Art Cards


Kun Hong, Features Editor

As holiday season approaches, this year’s art cards are here, also! Every year, NAHS (National Art Honors Society) select twenty pieces of outstanding student artwork and then design them into high quality greeting cards. Then they’re sold and distributed among the campus and local community. These art cards have been a Clements tradition for a long time and a holiday staple that people eagerly look forward to as soon as fall semester starts.

This year the collection of art cards include twenty brand new pieces of work ranging from freshman students to highly experienced four-year AP art seniors. Although some of the work is done by accomplished artists who have had work that’s been featured multiple times already, there are also quite a few rising stars and fresh names being introduced to Clements Art.

Like all art cards produced in the past, this year’s art cards are divided into two groups – one group is designed for adults and one group designed for children. The adult category of the collection contains art works made from a far more mature, richer color palette than the children’s group. Produced by talented students like Christina Zhang, Elena Aguirre, and Anton Zhou, these art cards are sophisticated and elegant. What’s even better is that they are sold only for $10.00 per set. Attached are previews of what the cards look like this year and more details can be found on the Clements NAHS website!