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Palestinian Support Shown at Clements

In order to show support for Palestine due to the conflict currently happening in Gaza, students dressed up in red, black, and green on Nov. 3. This was done to spread awareness and allow those who are on Palestine’s side to stand up for what they believe is right.

The poster made by senior Noor Abdou called for students to dress up on Nov. 3.

“I think what’s happening in Gaza right now is very heartbreaking and definitely something that’s sparking attention in the world right now,” sophomore Nicole Henry said. “It’s about humanity, as well as both sides and how they’re being killed.”

Since this ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine sparked up again, students have expressed sadness over what’s happening. Senior Noor Abdou decided to step up for this reason and chose the colors red, black, and green to symbolize the Palestinian flag.

“Dressing up in red, black, and green may be a symbolic expression of solidarity with a cause,” Abdou said. “But it’s important to note that raising awareness about conflicts often requires more substantive actions.”

Sophomores Ayatt Yassir and Sadeen Alroumoh dressed up on Nov. 3 to spread awareness.

Students see dressing up as a great way to speak up about what they think is right and help Palestine. After they dressed up, others could see and be more aware of what’s happening in Palestine, which can lead to more people possibly helping out.

“A genocide is currently happening in Palestine,” sophomore Ayatt Yassir said. “I think it’s disgusting and gross. I think the world needs to wake up and realize what’s going on.”

Many are concerned about what’s currently going on in Gaza. Of course, there are two sides and two different opinions which should be respected. Students see this as a very big problem and just want everyone around them to help spread this information around and free Palestine.

“I dressed up on this Friday because I felt that innocent lives being killed isn’t okay,” sophomore Sadeen Alroumoh said. “I’ll do anything I can to help and if dressing up to spread awareness and save these innocent lives can do that then I will. I’m aware the school doesn’t really like us doing this but I believe it can really make a difference and help.”

Although Principal Brian Shillingburg sent out an email discouraging the demonstration, some students still did. To many in the Palestinian community, Palestine is the cement that holds the Arab world together or the breaking of it all. This is why all Arabs and other people are very concerned and spreading awareness.

Shillingburg’s email about the dress-up idea.

“Meaningful engagement, education, and dialogue about the complexities of this issue can contribute to a better understanding and awareness among people about the conflicts currently happening in Palestine,” Abdou said.  “Hopefully one day this problem between the two sides can come to an end and we will see a free Palestine.”


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