Boys’ Basketball Tryouts

Boys’ basketball tryouts are upon us and the teams that will represent Clements High School on the court will be made. Tryouts will be held on October 26th and the 27th at 3 pm in the Auxiliary Gym.


After a successful playoff run last year, new teams will be made to try and run back new records and heights. 


“What I expect from us this season is for us to be as competitive as we can possibly 

be,” said Coach Price


With a lot of talent roaming the basketball periods, this year’s tryouts will be nothing short of competitive.


“I’m really excited for this year’s tryouts because there is a lot of talent from what I’ve seen in my basketball period,” said senior Chuks Egbo.


All players trying out should expect to show up and play their hearts out if they expect to land a spot on any of the teams.


“All I’m looking for in the players is if they can play,” said Price.


Although it is strongly encouraged that players who wish to try out for this year’s basketball teams make sure to show out, players must make sure that all academic duties are fulfilled and in check.


“Kids have to be passing and have to attend school consistently regardless of whether their absences are excused or unexcused,” said Price.


With that being said, make sure to wish your fellow Rangers good luck at tryouts and also make sure to wish coach Price and staff good luck this season.


“Big things are coming this season, I just feel it,” said Egbo.