UIL Band: Raising the Bar


Clements Band and Color Guard at the 2022 Bands of America competition.

The band has a huge reputation at Clements High School for its successful UIL performances. For many consecutive years, they have received Sweepstakes in marching and concert seasons. This 2022 performance marks the 38th year of receiving all 1’s. 


The students are a prominent aspect of each season’s legacy. However, their opinions vary toward these competitions.


“With the expansion and growth of marching band as an activity, I believe the scoring guidelines should also grow,” senior Caroline Kornegay said. “The Clements Band has elevated their level of musicianship and visual performance over the past years, as many bands have. The scoring guidelines must reflect this growth in order to keep the activity competitive.”


Over the past years, the marching season in Texas has gotten competitive in visual arts and musical skills. The expectations have grown hugely in contests like Bands of America and Area but remained low in UIL.


“I think UIL is a bit too lenient with who they give straight 1’s to,” junior Logan Rudolph said. “What’s the point of having a score if the vast majority gets a perfect score? I do not foresee a future where Clements gets anything less than a perfect score. The bar needs to be raised.”


The Band and Color Guard family views UIL as an expected minimum in their season. Their main goals are targeted toward the upcoming Area and State performances. Other students are on the side of having an easy UIL every year because of its benefits.


“If the guidelines grow then five bands wouldn’t be able to go to state this year,” senior Sam Guriguis said. 


Every other year, the Area competition takes the top four or five bands to qualify for State depending on the amount that earns Sweepstakes. This year, the district is fortunate to accept five for this highly competitive year.


“We have been working really hard on our show and the hard work will pay off. There will be a lot of good bands, but I think our show is up to competition” senior Marissa Yeh said.