Environmental Protection Initiative

The Clements Environmental Protection Initiative club recently had its initial meeting of the year. The upcoming meeting is on Sept. 29, the club will talk about their future plans to help protect the environment. 


There are many new members this year and Officers this 2022-2023 school year. The Co-Presidents are Anushka Behal and Makena Maina. The Vice President of Education is Sanjita Kellar. The Vice President of Advocacy is Natalya Quinones. Secretary is Chloe-Ezra Pham. Public Relations is Lexi Huang. Historian is Andrew Johnson. The treasurer is Darya Madarshi. 


“We’ll talk about planting with recycled bottles, recycling every day, and reusing, we’ll have an activity for it,” Maina said. 


At the next meeting, the club will discuss ways to help protect the environment, the club will participate in upcoming activities as well to help the environment.


“Something we plan on having is tree planting in November and beach cleanup in spring,” Maina said. 


These are activities that the club plans to do that are for members and incoming members to participate in. The club welcomes members if anyone has an interest in doing these activities. The members can talk to anyone about these activities and give advice when participating. 


“Looking forward to the beach cleanup, we did one for the zoo and picked up 80 pounds of trash, gloves, trash bags, and closed-toe shoes,” Sophie Morgan said. 


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