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Behind the Wheel- Lucas

Upon arriving at Clements high school the first thing you see ( if you drive) is the parking lot. And like every parking lot it is filled with cars but a handful of the cars here at Clements are some majestic and fine pieces of machinery, at least to some. Some of the cars here at Clements have quite the price tag on them. Like “bubba’s” $100,000 GT-R, this beast of a car can be seen every day here in the Clements student parking lot with its pristine silver look and it beautiful sounding engine. Asad Hamani also has a nice luxury car. The beautifully crafted Mercedes Benz G-class (G Wagon) has a price tag of $126,000,its an amazing car but car is almost unaffordable for a student, its still a beautiful sight to see. As you walk by it make sure to check out its nice glossy black exterior and black leather interior. Now you know a little more about some of the more fancy cars here and there are plenty more where that came from so if you are interested leave a comment and I’ll promptly write some more about the cars here at Clements.

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Behind the Wheel- Lucas