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Bookworm by Abby

This week we’re reviewing the New York’s bestselling novel “Wonder” as it raises awareness for children with facial disabilities and the bullying, negative attention, and pain that they endure and receive from their peers while growing up in modern society. This book emphasizes the importance of accepting others for who they are on the inside rather than judging the person for what they look like on the outside as well as embracing their individuality as opposed to blending in with the crowd. 

Wonder: This heartwarming and touching book tells of a story about the young, curious student named August Pullman who begins his first year of elementary school as a fifty grader. Because he looks different from the other kids and has no experience with public school, August struggles to make friends like an average, every day kid. He then feels as if he needs to do everything he an to blend in and be like everyone else.

Ad the novel continues, August eventually meets genuine friends who appreciate him for who he is on the inside despite his appearance. He then realizes how important he is to others and to himself, and he begins to question why he ever limited himself to blending in and becoming someone he’s not when he was born to stand out.

Bookworm by Abby