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6th Time’s the Charm: Teacher of the Year 23-24

Photograph taken by Assistant Principal Shannon Gray.

The Teacher of the Year for the 2023-2024 school year is science teacher Geoffrey Hart. Hart has been nominated for this award six times, and this year, he was finally able to snag the win. 

“Well, honestly I’m honored, because every year I’m always amazed at my colleagues and their own success, and to be placed at a level that I see them is really humbling for me,” Hart said. “I’m very excited, and I know I’ve been working hard. I always say 6th time’s the charm, and yeah I’m just very happy.” 

The first step to becoming Teacher of the Year is getting nominated by peers. Once a teacher is nominated, they go through a two-step process: a small essay with a given prompt then an interview process. 

“In about a week or two afterward, we’re sitting with the administrators and the previous Teachers of the Years who are on the Teacher of the Year committee and they do an interview process,” Hart said. “Essentially, they’re asking the same questions, but they just want to get to know us a little bit better.” 

Hart is currently entering his 11th year in teaching and teaches AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2. 

“The most rewarding part about being a teacher is seeing the success of my students,” Hart said. “Being able to watch them learn and grow their own knowledge and honestly their social circles as well. I know a lot of students who have formed friendships in my class, and it might be friendships that were formed through the suffering of my class, but friendships nonetheless.” 

Hart is one of the three AP Physics 1 teachers, the other two being Vijay Shah and Christopher Turner. 

“Mr. Hart is extremely helpful and knowledgeable,” Shah said. “He goes above and beyond to improve the learning of students and the well-being of the staff, and he is never hesitating to assist others.” 

Both speak highly of Hart and even have certain memories that stand out with him. 

“Mr. Hart and I were in ‘Physics by Inquiry’ with Dr. Evans at the University of Houston,” Turner said. “He explained the refraction of light across a change in medium by the analogy of a car moving from a paved road to mud at an angle. It was a neat perspective.” 

Along with these experiences, they were very happy to hear his name announced as Teacher of the Year. 

“Congratulations,” Shah said. “It’s been great working with you over the past several years, and I’m grateful for you and all you do for your colleagues and students.” 

While Hart has had a positive impact on his colleagues, he’s also made a positive impact on his students. 

“I think Mr. Hart is a wonderful teacher who truly loves his job and is passionate about the subject he teaches,” junior Eesha Dhairyawan said. “He works with students, not just by teaching them but also taking the time to understand them and help them out when he can. I was proud of him for winning Teacher of the Year.” 

Along with his teaching, he has even made a positive impact on his students through his personality. 

“Mr. Hart is very kind and funny,” senior Huimei Liu said. “I’m happy that he finally won after 6 years!” 

Ultimately, Hart said he was thankful for the award and gives thanks to the many people who helped him achieve this award. 

“I would like to thank all of my colleagues in the science department, I know they certainly all voted for me, so thank you for them,” Hart said. “And I would also like to thank our administration team. You know, without their support, I don’t think I would be able to provide the quality of service that I do for our students.”

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