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The Hunger Games by Kun

Girl scout cookies used to be a one season thing.

Every year between January and April, when Girls Scouts starts their annual cookie sale, America goes crazy. After the short, six weeks period, there are two types of Americans. They have either stocked up on the Samoas boxes and have enough cookies to last till the next sale, or they mourn and regret all year for not buying more of the sweet treats.

Sad, huh?

However, if you are the latter. Worry no more.

The 100-year tradition of the door to door selling of the girl scout cookies have officially ended. And the era of all-year girl scout cookies have arrived, through Amazon.

Starting March 2017, anyone can buy boxes of authentic girl scout cookies from Amazon.com. All varieties of the beloved cookies are available. But there is a price to pay if you want to ease your girl scout cookie crave anytime you wish. The price for each box of cookies sold online are twice the price you would pay if it were bought from a girl scout member during cookie season. Though they do offer bundles of four boxes at two dollars less per box.

Don’t wait! Check them out today on Amazon if this article is already making your mouth water for some delicious, amazing girl scout cookies.

The Hunger Games by Kun