Student artist talks about his creativity


Kun Hong, Features Editor

“It started when I was four,” said Anton Zhou, the famous, young artist of Texas and the president of NAHS, “My dad saw potential in me and decided to send me to art classes.”

Zhou has been entering his work into the Houston Rodeo Scholastic Art Competition since first grade, when his elementary teacher introduced the idea to him. Zhou won his first rodeo prize in 4th grade, and since then, he has been winning with his paintings every year. According to Zhou, making a record-breaking auction piece has been his goal for entering the rodeo competition every year, and he now feels fortunate that he has achieved this goal before graduating high school.

When asked about his exploration with 3D art making methods last year at the Western Art Academy, Zhou said,“3D taught me to think from a different perspective.  But my favorite medium is still oil paint. It is the most versatile, and I do very much want to remain being a 2D artist.”

“I just had my first gallery show earlier this month. I am glad my family has always been supportive of my art career, and I do want to be able to benefit the community with my art,” Zhou said.

In addition to collecting his long list of awards, Anton Zhou has been accepted into the prestigious University of Columbia, and he will be attending the school this coming fall with a major in fine arts. Before that, he will be spending the summer studying classical oil glazing techniques and further mastering his portraiture skills in Florence, Italy.

Zhou plans to establish his professional artistic career soon in New York City. Visit him online at

Or if thinking about getting started with impressionistic oil painting, one can go to and practice Anton’s easy to follow courses.